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summer report card [Aug. 2nd, 2006|09:04 pm]
do you remember when you were a kid and summer was the most amazing time to be alive? my fondest summers were those of junior high spent riding my bike and playing n64. i can still own anyone in mario cart or star fox battle mode.

these days i could care less for summer. maybe its that i don't have as many friends that live around here. maybe its the heat. maybe its my job. maybe its another three months living at home. maybe its that im starting at a new school shortly.

i have been to a bunch of chicago white sox games. i was even fortunate enough to go to two sox/cubs games both with the outcome coming on the side of the world champion chicago white sox. although another source of summer frustration has come in the recent skid the champs have taken since the all star break.

i only have 7 more days of work left. 7 more days. and then i get a little nice break before i have to report at the seminary on the the 23rd of august. the first day of classes for the year is the august 28 which also happens to be my 22nd birthday. which also happens to be the day when i start counting down the days till its summer again.