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yelp.com [Jan. 8th, 2007|01:39 pm]
So I have recently became hooked on yelp.com. Basically it is a site that has user reviews on just about anything. I just registered and started writing some reviews. Here is one that I am particularly proud of:

Wrigley Field

As a White Sox fan it hard for me to give Wrigley Field a fair and non-biased review. Although, most of the reviews for Wrigley are fairly biased as it seeing how they are written by Cub fans who grew up loving the entire Wrigley field experience.

I have been to Wrigley Field three times in my life. Two of those times I was there I was fortunate enough to see the White Sox beat the Cubs. The third time I was there was this summer while I was working at a summer camp and we took the kids to the "friendly confines."

I honestly do believe it is a place that all baseball fans should go to once in their life. I felt the same way when I went to Fenway Park. That being said, it is not the mecca of all things baseball. The Cubs have some great fans but for me its the people that show up at Wrigley Field looking to just get drunk and leave by the 6th inning to go to the bars that ruin the place for me. I once was at a game and there were a group of girls all decked out in their Cubby blue sitting directly in front of me. One of them turned to me ask if the 7th inning stretch was coming up. I politely told her that the 7th inning stretch was not for another four innings and she became very confused. "So what is that 7 doing up there?" she asked pointing to the scoreboard. "The Cubs have 7 hits..." I responded. She then got on her cell phone to call her friends to plan what bar they would meet up at after they sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." There should be a baseball IQ test before you allowed to step into this place...

The last game I was at I saw the Cubby faithful shower the field with trash after the most hated player in baseball, AJ Piersynki, hit a home run in the 9th to put the Sox up. I kept yelling to the fans "Stop throwing trash on your beloved Wrigley Field! There is already too much of that here as it is!"

This place is always packed. For at least the last ten years it has been like that. Do not let a Cub fan fool you into thinking that the Cubs have always had the most loyal fan base in the world. In fact one year in the 1980s the Cubs drew less than 500,000 fans the entire year. It was not until Wrigley Field became a party destination rather than a baseball field that this place started to sell out again.

The team that happens to show up and play in Wrigley Field is really bad but the fanbase does not seem to mind. I do not understand this about Cub fans. If I go to a restaurant and order a steak and I am served raw hamburger meat I am not going to come back. Even if this restaurant has hot chicks, is in a cool location, and serves all the overpriced ice cold Old Styles I can handle. But thats just me...

From: (Anonymous)
2007-01-22 03:28 pm (UTC)
i totally forgot about the "kevin house show"!!!!! i was going through my "favorites" folder and for some reason this was in it. let me tell you, it was a pleasant surprise! anyway... see you in the car.
--milhouse (kelly)
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